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Technology has influenced the way we exchange information. The Internet makes information travel quickly all over the world. Therefore, we are proud to offer you a modern solution that combines innovative technology. We are a leading supplier of IT products and Electrical/Electronics/Biomedical equipment. We are a Leading IT Supplier and solutions providers. Adhering to the “customer first”, we establish a quick, safe, global and reliable supply chain, provide branded products and customized services to government and private enterprises, customers and partners. We participate in a number of network construction projects, ranging from enterprise network, data center, video surveillance, to access and transmission, as well as the latest IT and Electrical projects. We strive to provide the latest IT products, to help you connect the world, a comprehensive network hardware supplier, is well known as its safe payment, free CCIE technical support and quick delivery, well, the more important is, the same network devices with good quality having great prices. Trusted by Our Customers. Liaqat Enterprises is neither a partner of nor an affiliate of Cisco Systems. Logos remain the property of the corresponding company.