Electrical Services

Liaqat Enterprises Electrical Services

We provide economical solutions & Industrial equipment to measure Pressure, Temperature, Flow & Level. Following sorts of Electrical & Instrumentation equipment with best quality is provided by us. Liaqat Enterprise provides a myriad of advance technologies that open doors to community where people can enjoy more comfortable, safe and secure life. Our brand not only deliver you chance to enchance your living style, but also assist you to broaden your horizon and to accomplish your life goal in busniess development. Our service covers all needs of domestic and industrial areas including home, offices, hotels and buildings. In services business, we offer home automation that enable all smart devices in a building to interaction system just like a human nervous system. Products we deal in infrastructure and building services are:


High-quality electrical instruments to meet your needs.

Electrical & Instrumentation

We provide instrumentation services such as Rtd, Thermocouple, Pressure Sensor, Fire Sensor, Heat Sensor, Pressure Guages, Humidity Sensor, Transmitters, Sensors, Circuit Breakers, Relays, PLC’s, Fire Fighting Systems, Solar Panels, Variable Frequency Drives, Pressure,Flow, Temperature measurements, Current Transformer/ Potential Transformers, Inverters, Lighting & Fixtures

Health Sector

We are the Leading Provider for advanced medical technologies in almost every field of Health Sector. Products we deal in health sector are: ECG Machines, ECG Leads + Electrodes + Cups, Pulse Oximeter, SPO2 Probes, Mobile BP Apparatus, Digital BP Apparatus, Flow Meters, Suction Machine, NIBP Cuff + Balloon, Batteries for ECG Machine, Batteries for Syringe Pump, Power Cables, Laryngoscope, IV Stands, Single Tube BP Cuff, ECG Trolleys, O2 Cell for Ventilator, Suction Tubing (Rolls)